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Logo includes a black circle with intersecting green and blue lines, which is followed by the words "Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting."
Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting offers training and consultation for organizations who are committed to offering just and dignified service, and creating affirming work environments, for trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people.
the letters "b" and "c" in grey followed by the numbers 211 in red.
bc211 is a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing free information and referral regarding community, government and social services in BC. If you need community support and are unsure when to turn tis is a great place to start.
The Logo for"NEXTGENMEN" is displayed with the words next and men in orange letters and the word gen in grey letters.
Next Gen Men is a Canadian nonprofit organization focused on creating spaces to engage men and boys in conversations around gender in schools, communities, and workplaces through the lens of caring masculinities, healthy relationships, and gender equity.
Logo begins with a untied blue and white polka dotted bow tie, followed by the words "Geoff Plint Registered Clinical Counsellor" in blue letters.
Geoff Plint offers a holistic and intentional presence for individuals, teens, adults, families and couple's to explore sexuality, gender, love, and relationships. With a queer-affirming and kink-aware approach, Geoff is committed to bringing balance, play, and laughter to all aspects of your community and life.
Black and white photo of a man standing on a Pacific Northwest beach. Logo includes a squiggly orange line that rises and falls three times followed by the word "modern Manhood". Underneath the logo it states "presented by NEXT GEN MEN."
Modern Manhood PodcastThis podcast will mostly concentrate on the lives and viewpoints of many different male voices talking about their own masculinity.
Logo is a burgundy quarter circle with one stick person helping another stick person up a ledge. The words "Men's Trauma Centre" are imprinted on the ledge in white letters.
The Men’s Trauma Centre is here to help and support anyone who identifies as a man who has experienced emotional, sexual or physical trauma as a child or an adult. Experiencing a trauma is distressing and can impact every part of your life. Sometimes you may have lived with a trauma for years or perhaps this is something that happened to you recently.
Logo for Island Sexual Health including a image of a a green, blue, purple boxes intertwined and shaped like leaves.
All things sexual health related. We offer pro-choice and comprehensive sexual health clinics, education programs and products.

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