Man Made is a not for profit program dedicated to building supportive and healthy communities. All program donations are put back into program and resource development and facilitation costs for those that encounter financial barriers to accessing our programming. Thank you for making Man Man possible.

Our Sponsors

Without the incredible, generous support of our sponsors, we would not be able to provide the many services that we do. A huge thank you to everyone in the community that helps us deliver community education to Victoria and the surrounding areas!

Logo for the government of British Columbia which includes a blue mountain range, a white sunset, and a yellow sky.
The logo for TELUS is preceded by a green loop and a purple line through the loop to form the letter "t".
The logo for Intact begins with a column of three lines: red, light blue, and black, which is followed by the word intact in red brackets.
The Cheetham Creative logo is a dark gray and turquoise square divided in half with a white letter "c" in the middle.
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